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Self-sponsorship visas... [03 Jun 2010|03:37pm]

Hey all :)

I was planning to go see a visa lawyer, but as I don't know how much it costs, I thought I'd ask here for advice first :)

I'm wanting to change from a working holiday visa to a self-sponsorship visa, but I won't have bank statements/payslips. I'm not working full-time at the moment, only part-time, but I will have contracts from two part-time jobs for the next year. That should render payslips unnecessary, however, Japanese officials tend to follow forms to the letter - if it says payslips, you need payslips.

Has anyone been in the same situation/have any ideas, or should I definitely go see a lawyer and ask? My visa runs out next month on the 1st ^^; Yes, I know I've left it rather late...

Edit: I meant to post this to expatsjapan, but I'll leave it up here incase anyone can shed some insight <3

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Getting to Japan... [24 Mar 2009|08:37pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Going to Japan then getting a job over there with help from Zoe's sister


Working holiday visa to do smaller, part-time jobs and maybe an internship so I can find a job at the end of the year - visa might take a while to recieve though


Teaching english. I could live with eikaiwa, but never with being an ALT ^^; Some okay-ish jobs online I wanna apply for, but I doubt I'll get them :P


Kenta's dad owns a juku ^^; I'd get free accommodation, but low pay, so it'd be hard to move on from. From Miyagi I think I could get to Tokyo at weekends and job-hunt though...

Is it hard to get internships in Japan in, like, magazines? Or possibly the tourism industry?

Well, first up, finishing this speech for Thursday so I can graduate, then doing a short TESOL course (www.globaltesol.co.nz) - either with one specialisation or three. Wish me luck on getting the speech done.

And LOSING WEIGHT!! Didn't go for a run today OR yesterday, as I say I can't in order to lose weight, then end up spending all my time online talking to Kianachan and surfing mindlessly ^^;

...I'd better pass -o-

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Overdue assignments and angry teachers... [27 Feb 2009|01:38pm]
[ mood | 3 coffees and a V ]

Listening to the LMC up LOUD through nice big headphones to try stay awake to finish referencing this assignment. I also moved to a cooler room. It's kind of working - I don't feel like giving up and throwing myself on the teacher's mercy anymore. Only another hour to go -o- Maybe next time I'll remember what no sleep feels like and get it done earlier.

Thank god for visual kei <3 ;P

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タイトル無し [25 Apr 2008|05:01pm]
[ mood | artistic :P not really but meh ]

A funeral's for the living
The dead can't say no goodbyes
What's done is done
What's gone is gone
And in the end, everyone dies.

I wrote it last night - it doesn't really have much meaning. More just a feeling, na

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Hisashiburi naaaaaa~~~ [11 Mar 2008|01:58pm]
[ mood | Heh, giggly <3 ]

Happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday dear Bryonyyyyyy, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I just had to sing that XD Well, at-least write it. I wrote it on mixi too XD

I turn 20 >< Kinda scary, but I"ve been wearing lolita/himekei more lately, so acting more adult like, so it's not SO scary. But still...technically an adult ><

To make it a good thing, I'm going drinking in kabukicho later tonight <3 Because i finally can <3 Would be fun to be back at home too though - I would've liked to see my parents. Especially as I know I'll spend all my birthday money on drinking instead of buying anything -o-;;;

Sorry I haven't posted much lately - I've been a bit busy >< I promise I'll try more this year.

P.S. I dunno if Amanda's reading this, but she probably is XD If you are - you were right, I DO like Lucky Star <3

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Acrylic nails + nail glue = scary nails of doom >> [09 Jan 2008|12:15am]
...If you make acrylic nails (from rame - the glittery powder - and the type of nails where you don't use a tip, you just sort of build them...) and then try stick something on them with nail glue...nail glue burns them >> Like, it smoked >> And it gets really hot. And sort of melts >> I'm SOOO glad I tried to stick something to the tip, not over my actual nail >> And that the glue didn't burn all the way through.

You'd think they'd write a warning or something.

Or maybe they did >> The instructions for the acrylics are in Japanese, so I don't really know - I didn't bother to translate it >>;;;

...Now to find another way to stick nail decals (is that what you call nail seals?) on. As sticking them on while the acrylic's still wet doesn't work - I just tried.

That's...really creepy >> I'm scared of acrylics now ^^; But not enough to stop using them - they worked way better this time from doing it the way without using tips - I just wish I could find my 3D nail art acrylic kit. I suck at doing designs with it, but practise makes perfect.

Ah well, early day tomorrow. I'd better sleep. See-through nails suck though >> But they're glittery (and pink -o- everyone keeps telling me I suit pink -o-) so they're not too bad.

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Letting you know I'm not dead...-o-... [13 Dec 2007|01:57pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Sorry for the long time without updates >< I was planning to lately, but my laptop's broken ;_; So I can't post pictures, etc, and as I'm always on my friend's laptop I can't take a long time as she wants it back ^^;

Went to a Gazette live, an An Cafe live, and a small live with random bands (the best being Licker and ガアラ) and the Okayama Vk band RuviaGram, which has broken up now i think. In Okayama. Yay for Okayama <3

I'm also struggling not to buy the babyssb skirt i want >> As it's expensive, and I don't wear lolita enough...but maybe if i had the clothes i would. It's hard cuz the shop's right there, so i can't help but go look ^^;

I'm in Hiroshima atm, til Sunday :) I'm gonna do the touristy stuff :P And I have a friend here, so we're gonna hang out for a while. Doing the touristy-thing alone sucks though ^^; Asking someone to take a picture of you and a friend is fine. Asking someone to take a picture of just you...^^;;;

I update mixi more atm, though my japanese sucks, just to keep in contact with my friends over here so if they can meet me they'll know. Incase anyone else has mixi, http://mixi.jp/show_friend.pl?id=7182553 ←that's me :D

Well, I'd better go now. I promise I'll try update more - and I have good internet now, so upload more too <3 - as soon as I get my laptop bloody fixed!!! Grrr, not cool...

Anyway, see you!! 

Edit// It's it funny how you can read something, and something inside you just twangs...like, you realise how little you actually know someone, or you realise that, despite how important they seem to you, it's unlikely you're as important to them. I suppose there's not much use dwelling on it...but it'll make for pretty good poetry when I get round to writing some ;) //Edit

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Long time, no see~ [16 Dec 2006|09:45pm]
[ mood | A dork, as angel calls me :P ]

Hey! Sorry for the long time no posting >>;;; IPC, my Uni, blocked all the download sites - and seeing what was uploaded but being unable to download depressed me *laughs*. So I sorta avoided livejournal for a while... Then Amanda pointed out that I should post on it, so I decided to >>;;;.

How is everyone? If anyone sees me on AIM, feel free to say hi! I'm off on holiday on Monday, but I'll have net in Japan. Not sure about Scotland yet >>.

Incase anyone's interested, or is in any of these places...

And a dark poem, which I wrote as I'm having trouble writing fast, dark songs. I can only write fast, cute ones ><! I think I've been listening to too much oshare...

I didn't really make a title, so I sorta came up with "The Threshold of Pleasure"

Hmm...I THINK that's all...if there's anything anyone wants me to get them in Japan I probably could in January/February, but I'd probably need the money first as I have none ><!!! Feel free to email me at Liekun@gmail.com. 'Cuz there's always stuff that's hard to find online, or impossible -_-.

Oh, and if anyone has mixi, feel free to add me! I think I'm (ブライオニー)Bryony with the katakana as my last name first, as it shows up on my homepage the other way round, so looks better that way. If anyone's in Japan and wants to meet up, or is going to any lives/knows anything interesting to do, please email me! Especially if you have any idea where I can find out about Tai Chi in Japan >< I have no idea, but mum wants to go as something to do while I'm shopping with friends (Harajuku and Shinjuku and a live with one friend, and Akihabara with another! We're going to a maid cafe <3!) - I think to see if it's different in Japan to what she does.

Anyway, catch up with you all soon! I hope everyone's having a great holidays <3!
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[29 Jul 2006|09:46pm]
[ mood | Bored - I wanna do SOMETHING ]

Mou - been so busy lately. And sick. And changed laptops twice... -_-;;;. But I wrote a poem today! Trying to get back into Roald Dahl style...

Not quite finished, as such. Still messy, and I need to change a couple of lines. But...yeah. I rather like it so far. Cute, not serious.

And angel's gone, so she's not online right now, and I was just getting back into talking to her every day too ;_;. But I'll be able to later, so it's all okay <3.

Ah well, I suppose i should probably go. And do...something XP. By the way, if anyone wants to talk to me:
Gmail: Liekun@gmail.com
MSN: antiquelolita23cafe@hotmail.com
AIM: Xx Lie XX kun xX

Oooooooh - extra note! Latest addictions! Zwei PV, Dragon. And...dumdaduuuuum...Computer, by Metronome. That PV is LOVE! The guitarist, Fuusuke, is SO CUTE in it! And it's such an addictive song!


Ja, love you all <3!
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[06 Jul 2006|02:50pm]
Mou - sorry for being all off-and-on lately. I keep having to take my laptop in to Aidian to get MSN put on it, to try get my harddrive working...:P. Luckily dad's getting a laptop soon (second-hand but better than this one - Windows XP, not ME) and I can swap with him! Until then, I can only use my harddrive on OTHER PEOPLE's computers, which means I don't listen to it much. Random craving for Miyavi lately.
Oooh - and I wrote a really random KanonxMiku, and a kinda-of even randomer GacktxMiyavi XPPP. I just felt like the oddness their characters would create.
I should be doing homework, but I'm more watching Vidoll clips on YouTube atm >>;;;. And before it was Miyavi, and PSC... I need to buy some DVD's when I get a job. And some magazines. I might see if any of my friends' parents who live in Tokyo can get the visualive magazines for me *-*.
I suppose I had better go ;_; I want to make a PV request, but considering I can't upload at the moment...*siiiiiighs*. I have a couple of discographies I want to try collect too. Ah well.
Grr, and I need a new haircut. My fringe is starting to trail in my eyes, and if I let it grow past them I'll start tucking it behind my ear like usual.
I'm still writing a VK magazine - one of my classes, Japanese Skills 1B, lets you study however you want. So some of my friends translate manga (I wonder if they knew it would be hard before they started - manga Japanese is really difficult 'cuz it's not dictionary Japanese), and I write a Visual Kei magazine. Except I keep getting behind and not doing my work. And I'm not sure what else to write. And probably most people won't agree with my ideas in it -_-;;;. Easiest way to solve that is not to show anyone *laughs*.

Kyo's waist and hips are *-* (was looking for a full A4 size X-Japan picture, then started looking for Dir En Grey instead. Might just make up a front page out of lots of smaller pictures). Anyone else got any other pictures like this they'd care to share? They all look so slim and gorgeous in this shoot ^-^;;;.
Okay, so, better go now. I'll talk to you later <3
Love ya's!
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[24 Jun 2006|03:00pm]
[ mood | Should tidy my room,but meh... ]

Heyyyyy. Mou, I keep leaving it ages before posting -_-;;;. What's new...buying a bass guitar ^-^. Not that I can play yet >> but that's okay, 'cuz the guitarist of our band can't play guitar either :P I have an easier job than that, at-least. Especially since I used to play bass and guitar but preferred bass (yet took guitar lessons for ages o.0). Anyway... Room still messy >>;;; need to tidy up... Oh yeah, and I was listening to Gackt's song Redemption, and decided to write poetry (the reason I posted today :P). So, two days ago, I wrote. And MAN do I now suck! I USED to be okay at rhyme, and rhythm. Then I went through a stage of not rhyming, and doing these odd dark monologue things. Then I didn't write for ages. And now I can't very well ;_;. I need to read more Roald Dahl - I LOVE his sense of rhythm.

Okay, that was all ^-^. Yes, I write dark poetry (as some of you will remember from ages ago :P).

Random question, does anyone have Vidoll PV's, Wizard PV's, HeaRt PV's, Soroban PV's, Rentrer En Soi PV's, hide PV's, X-Japan PV's...any pretty bands generally, especially anything indies...uploaded to YSI preferably, or else sendspace? As I can't use megaupload or rapidshare. I was just wondering, if anyone had anything already uploaded. If not, it doesn't matter - I'll make a post requesting things soon ^-^.

Ooh - after writing poetry, that night two nights ago, I played an X-Japan clip for Miyuki, who loves X-Japan. And then we got onto watching the ones I had on my ext. harddrive, and then the hide ones (some of which I had NEVER seen before. As in, I downloaded them, then never watched them) which was...good and depressing :P. I've been all the way to Japan to see the hide museum before it closed, and yet I've rarely watched PV's or clips of him. It's kinda too depressing. But yeah, so we watched that, which I now think I should download more of. I love his smile...my mum used to say some people kinda had an X-Factor, or sparkled, or whatever word you want to use. You know, like, they live life hard, to the full, and people are drawn to them. And they have that certain something...and they usually die young. hide had that. Your eyes are drawn to him, ne. Anyway, not quite sure why I'm going on about this except I want to. But yes - I like it (and Miyavi) 'cuz when I watch them I just want to be famous for being myself, not for dressing like a guy in a visual band, or whatever else. I just want to be me.

Oh, and angel? Can we RP some time, the hide one, so I start thinking of RP hide again instead of RL hide? It's less depressing :P.

Okay, well, I should go now - set up some downloads for while I'm gone ^-^ yey (uhuh miracle miracle...)! Off to shower now.

Love ya's!
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[07 Jun 2006|09:19pm]
[ mood | Happy o(^-^)/! ]

Ohayo-! o(^-^)/!

^ Ten points if you recognised I copied that style off Bou-kun ^-^.

I posted bribes (basically what I posted here yesterday >>) and requests to Jrock_uploads - I got more Dollis Marry and Poitrine and HeaRt already, so that's good ^-^. I've also decided to make a .mp3 rotation site, since I can now upload, so yaay!

And yaay to mousou_nikki and yamipandora and koinuchan for still remembering me even though they're always so busy (and especially to mousou_nikki 'cuz we're going to swap music, etc, so I catch up a bit >>;;;).

What else...back to IPC tomorrow, so I'll upload then to start my rotation... And join HomuraLove 'cuz Homura are <3!

Met some friends today who I mainly became friends with in the month before going to IPC, the Japanese guys 'cuz the girls weren't at Coastlands (the mall), which was good ^-^. My Japanese has apparently improved ^-^. Ooooh - and one of my friends is going to Japan in August, and will buy me things, so I have to saaave money (and draw maps of exactly where to go in Harajuku and Shinjuku). And I'm SOOO jealous. And I've actually forgotten which her LJ is >>;;; So, umm, if you post here point out it's you?

I think I'm going to have to start either deleting friends who I never talk to, or just grouping my friends, so that I can start reading other people's LJ's again... I really should >>;;;.

But yaay - hyper to be back online properly and back into VK ^-^. Though ZeeK's broken up like they said they would - apparently Natsuki is now in Irokui. I'm SURE I should've known that, but considering I'm actually not too much of a fan of Irokui's sound, only their look, meh. I want to know where Rei (vo.) and Umi (gt.) go ;_;. They were LOVE! Grr. Everyone's breaking up. Change is in the air...*sings to the tune of Love is in the Air*

Okay, well, I'll go now and stop wasting your time, but I'd love some comments if you have time...^-^. Oh, and sorry I haven't been on much Amanda - I can't get my laptop to work from home's net anymore, so I have to use mum's computer >>;;;. No AIM.

Love ya's!

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[04 Jun 2006|09:32pm]
[ mood | HYPERGENKIIIII o(^-^)/! ]

おひさしぶりです! Long time, no see!

Mou - I was only planning to not be online for much about three weeks, until I started Uni, but then at Uni I was making friends and out at night, etc, etc, and ended up not coming on much at all. And I finally today decided to start properly downloading again and catch up (the internet might not be too fast here, but it's way faster than at home, yaay!) and I found out TODAY that Pierrot announced they were disbanding all the way back in April (I haven't been online much - well, looking at VK much - since about March >>;;;) AND Clavier's breaking up! Noooooo ;_;.

Anyway...yes. So. Anyone miss me? Or should I say REMEMBER me *grins*.

<lj-cut text="Random uploads - machine, homura, Jils, and BLACKJACK. Not much sorry >>;;;">
For randomness, 'cuz I uploaded for a friend, and then thought I may as well upload more (I need to request some things, so will probably use these as bribes)... there woul've been more, but the net started screwing me around, so I stopped >>;;;.

machine - Captain Sonic Tune - 04. Infinity -YSI
焔 (homura) - 切続 - 1) 桎1 -megaupload
01. 桎1 -YSI
焔 (homura) - 切続 - 2) 償い -megaupload
02. 償い -YSI
焔 (homura) - 切続 - 3) 感情ロフトナイフ -megaupload
03. 感情ロフトナイフ -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 01. Kaihoku -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 02. Suitei -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 03. Seikoku -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 04. Shin Umi -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 05. Soushitsu -YSI
Jils - A VERSE - 06. Chikai -YSI
BLACKJACK - Tokyo Democracy - aishuu kissa -YSI
I also think aishuu kissa isn't the full name, and for some reason don't have which number it is on the album even though I have the whole album, so you might want to check that - or ask me later when I've checked it to rename it ^-^.
And yes, I was trying to upload Kaze, Kahoru by BLACKJACK when the net kept cancelling on me so I got frustrated and stopped.
Jils was for a friend who asked for the machine song as she couldn't find it, then anything else I thought she might like ^-^;;;.

What else...I have a new haircut ^-^ and dye ^-^. Umm, my Japanese is getting better ^-^. I'm jinxed (every time I like someone, they don't like me >>;;;. However, that could just be because I subconsciously like people who don't like me... Or else I just like the pretty boys who look better than me >>;;;).
Hmm, what else... Feel free to IM me anytime ^-^ Xx Lie XX kun xX or Visual Bishounen or...well, any of my SN's that you know, really ^-^;;;.

Oooh - and if you like Homura (Homuler), in the next day or so (hopefully tomorrow) I should get the community for them up and running, so joiiiiin <3 The vocalist, Kayuki (another screenname - KayukiLove) is LOVE <3 Sooo cute...

And I just found out TODAY that Pierrot announced in April that they were disbanding 0.0! THAT's how far behind I am (think, maybe, March time. That's where I stopped >>;;;) and I found out at the same time about Clavier disbanding. NOT COOL DAYO! But yeah - I still have lots of random things, so feel free to request files or something, and I'll see if I have them... I'm debating starting a rotation site. What d'yu think?

*lots of hugs* Love ya's!

Edit: Just noticed I used the wrong kanji for the first song. The correct kanji is 劇薬×切開. Sorry! And I also won't be here for the next day or so probably, so if something's wrong with an upload or something, I'm not intentionally slow getting back to you, I just won't have the internet until then. <3 dayo! /Edit

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[10 Mar 2006|10:14am]
[ mood | Worried...hope my email is ok ]

God, now I'm all stressed. I sent an email, since I finally recieved one, and I'm SO bad at explaining, and at being tactful...and I don't want to hurt her more ;_;. I can understand not talking to me for a while, but I don't want her to get upset if I said something wrong... God, I'm so bad at writing emails ;_; well, not even just emails, just bad at explaining, or making people feel better >>;;;. Especially if it's my fault in the first place...

Other notes: My b'day tomorrow! Cellphone shopping today, yey (uhuh, miracle miracle... Anyone know Say Yeah -Motto Miracle Night- by Morning Musume?)! So mum might be getting me one of those. And dad said he'd get me a lolita dress, so I'm waiting for a place to get back to me about making a custom made one - if they don't soon, I'm going to email them and just ask for a simpler version, or the original one they emailed me about... I love Visible style sleeves <3 But Marble has lovely skirt-parts. I got the blouse I bought online yesterday. As in, I recieved it yesterday >>;;;. Cute! But off-white, so it won't match my skirt TOO well, but meh. I need to wait for my petticoat anyway...

Okay, better go get dressed, etc. And gomen ne if I said the wrong thing in my email...things never come out how I want them to sound, as people look at them from their own point of view, not mine, so it screws up my basic reasoning o(>.<)o. But I love you, ne.

Jaa, love ya's!

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[25 Feb 2006|10:55pm]
[ mood | blah XP. Cute description. ]

Random link: http://shutdown.fc2web.com/00/index.html Have fun dressing a superdollfie in lolita-wear :P. Kinda amusing...<3!

Random link 2: http://home.comcast.net/~ichigo10369/LJpics/oujisama/oujisama.html Kodona/Dandy - just randomly browsing as I suddenly wondered what I'd look like in a top hat, shorts and jacket ; ). Probably not too good XP. Anyway... http://home.comcast.net/~ichigo10369/LJpics/oujisama/oujimaxicimam.jpg One of the models. The male is sooooo pretty *-*. I'm so jealous! We just get...hell, I don't even know who we have in our magazines. But I know I want them all to look like that! So cute... http://home.comcast.net/~ichigo10369/LJpics/oujisama/ouji2.jpg *giggles* That's cute too... http://home.comcast.net/~ichigo10369/LJpics/oujisama/oujikana.jpg And so's that, actually. Kana >.>;;;. I should really get round to looking her up. And I LOVE the cane, though I just can't help thinking of Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

Random link 3: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v372/Lie_kun/Daigo/2005novkera20.jpg My picture of the week for losing weight XP. Him lying on the sofa...whether you like him or not, you have to admit, he has slim thighs and ass 0.0. I waaaaaaant (to look like that >.>;;;)!

Oooh - and Hakuei and O-Jiro are apparently in the next G&L Bible... I want that too XP. Or maybe just scans...not even sure what his current image is. I'll have to catch up in April :P. Just remembered about this as I was looking at my icon and thinking Yoshiki=<3=old-school=<3 XDDD.


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Gomen ne - random bitching and details of my life... [22 Feb 2006|09:50pm]
[ mood | Slightly tired lately... ]

Okay, well, I hate to bitch but fuck do I need to, so we'll get to that later : ).
Hmm - got into IPC! Full scholarship (they must give that to, like, ALL NZ'ers *<=kiwi ; )* that want to go XP). So I only have to pay 750 for books, gym, internet (wireless broadband YAAAAY so can't be bothered downloading until then), etc. And 500 bond on my room. And then the first week or four weeks or something of my room payments up front. But yaay! No student loan!
Other randoms of lately...Collapse )
Arguing with friends...Collapse )
Mou - I wrote way more than I meant to. But meh, I just needed to ramble and bitch I think. Gomen nasai...
Okay, I'll go upload some pictures of me I took a while ago. I made a photo-story for a friend for valentines day - that was fun! She was my valentine this year too... And I took other random ones. Some on trying to see if you can see emotion in people's eyes - same emotion, different expression. I can't really tell unless my expression is the same as what's in my eyes, but one of my friends apparently can.
Ooooh - random extra! I SOOOO want a pet bird. Probably a Meyer's Parrot. But I can't until I get to Japan after Uni as you can't have pets in your hall of residence. I think you're allowed fish, so I could have a turtle, but meh...
Japanese laptops are fun, but kinda annoying when you want to change something and you can't understand it to do so >.>;;;. And I don't wanna let anyone near my laptop at Uni to change it for me, incase they see a link to a yaoi site or something like that...XP...
Okay...so uploading is slooooow since I'm downloading too...this is why I'm waiting until April -_-. I can't cosplay either - so it'll be just lolita this year, and maybe cosplay Shinya NEXT year. Or before then and just randomly, so that I can cosplay someone else...
two pictures of MEEEEEEEECollapse )
Okay - enough random whoring of ME XP. 
Or maybe not...Collapse )
Smile and be happy! Don't make me post dorky pictures of myself...*threatens amusedly*...
Edit: I hate LJ - I have to come back to edit my lj-cuts every time, as otherwise it posts them as actually the words, not the cut. Grr. XDDD.

Love ya's!

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[09 Feb 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | Confused about the dress ;_; ]

Heyyyy! Gomen ne for disappearing so long! I've been sorting out University, and trying to get a holiday job, etc, etc. Just really unmotivated...mainly because in April I'll have wireless broadband to my laptop, so I'm waiting to download things until then, etc, then spend a week just getting up-to-date with everything XP.

SO, hide_pink is kinda on hold until April, as then I can upload songs and pics, etc, a lot faster (sometimes songs won't even upload for me anymore -_-).

Anyway, I'm going to IPC - International Pacific College. Lots of Japanese people, AWESOME technology, high costs but you get a scholarship to cover most of it, and hopefully one to cover the rest too <3!

Ramble on needing help for my Cage!Shinya cosplay...Collapse )

Mou - can you tell I'm lost XP. I have pictures, but the trouble is that I can never tell from looking at them what an item of clothing would be like to make.

Yes. /Ramble.

Ummm, anyway...sorry I've been kinda out of it for so long. I'm still trying to find a job, etc, and lose weight (in time for April, both the cosplay and going to Uni), so yeah...I'll try update more >.>;;;

Edit: Okay, so after talking with someone who's cosplayed Cage!Shinya before, I know a lot more now XP. I also managed to screencap it (yaay for MW Snap!) and figure out that he's actually in shorts, not a skirt >.>;;;. As, however, we didn't think the sleeves or PVC would go under the straightjacket, we're not quite sure what I'm going to do for the top half. Either only the top half of the dress, or make the dress too and change to that if I want to take off the jacket >.>;;;. Or invent a random one that matches, but I'm really not so keen... /Edit

Hope everyone's well and has had a great year so far! <3 dayo!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR <3! And hide_pink is a new LJ I created for randomness <3! [01 Jan 2006|11:56am]
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Yes... Happy New Year! >.>;;;....Hope you all have a great time, and work on your resolutions (if you made any - if you're perfectly happy with yourself how you are, I congratulate you!).

Wanna help me with mine? Question: Who do you think has the best body? As in, VK body - VK people only. I like Shinya-sama... But he might be TOO thin. I dunno. Any ideas, anyone?

Random picture of Sakito, from Naitomea. This picture EMBODIES Visual Kei.Collapse )

...I would cosplay that, but my stomach...>.>...bulges are not good XD;;;. yeah - I wanna do a cosplay. By April. I'm currently hung up on Shinya, but...hmm. Not sure >.>;;;. Anyway...

P.S. hide_pink (because hide-pink is a SPECIAL pink, not just any old pink - so I'll wear it). New LJ ^-^. For random VK and other stuff posts, so feel free to browse anytime. Only add if you want it to show up on your friends page though, as I'm not gonna be reading other people's LJ's with it - it's just my space to ramble ^-^.

Okay, well, hope everyone has a good new year, and had a great christmas, and hope to talk to you through the next year too! Keep in touch!

<33333 dayo! Love and Snuggles and Kisses!

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[28 Dec 2005|11:48pm]
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...Okay, so who here knows D'erlanger? I have absolutely no idea if there's a community dedicated just for asking questions about various bands (if there's not there damn well should be...hmm...wonder if angel or Anna would like to start one...) so I'm asking here ^-^.

D'erlanger PV: La vie en rose (1989-02-10).

As far as I can tell (which is difficult as it's all I've seen of them, so it could just be someone who looks alike) it's the vocalist making out with the...hmmm...guitarist? But the vocalist's top changes if it is...but his earrings are the same, and headband, and make-up...I would've said it wasn't, except for the fact I then actually watched the WHOLE PV and decided it probably was. Besides, Fu-ki has fanservice with Kiwamu...

Anyway, I got kinda offtopic there. Mainly I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find any information on them? I know that japanese site that tells what members were from and what they moved on to, but it doesn't have any pictures or profiles... Any help, anyone?

If not, doesn't matter - I'll request some soon, I'm just still uploading XD;;;.

What else...oh yes, getting money out tomorrow to give to Kate to take to Japan to buy me things. Next up, getting a map and directions for her XD. And I just realised if she or Mr Tomita bring back a laptop it cuts out $300NZ postage, which makes it cheaper...^^;;;. Anyway - currently leaning towards a Sony VAIO, type F light.

I need to get a playlist up -at-least, a playlist of what bands I want people to add too - oooh! I've seen Celia'xeno around lately! I had to buy their CD - I'm glad people are getting into them now <3. Maybe I should up the CD...>.>...

Okay, well, better go I guess...more random browsing for laptops (and watching D'erlanger XD).

Love ya's!

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[25 Dec 2005|10:21pm]
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Okay - a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS <33333!

And in-case any of you like my writing, or were interested, I'm gonna post the second chapter to my An Cafe fic and some little Christmas story things. So sweet you'll drown in them >.>;;;. I just...felt like it *giggles*.

Love you all, ne! And I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Love and Kisses! <33333!

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